Juan Rodríguez Morais

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Welcome 🦥

I'm a software engineer (6+ years of experience) & digital nomad based in New Zealand, currently working at Futureverse. You can see my blog at blog.timrodz.dev. If you want to get in touch with me, please send me a message at juan@timrodz.dev.

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About me

Born in Chitré, Panamá 🇵🇦 in 1995, I'm somewhat of a cross between millennials and Gen Z'ers. That means I understand some of today's memes. Since I was young, computers have been a part of my life, and I'm grateful I work with them daily—A dream scenario!

Software engineering aside, you can find me outdoors, working out (gym/cycling), playing games (Age Of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5, Magic: The Gathering), planning the next travel destination, or thinking about what to learn next. I'm currently learning Portuguese, music theory, and content creation.

When it comes to tools and technologies, I believe they're there to help you solve problems, nothing else. I also don't have strong opinions about developer decisions when choosing a tech stack. Everything has a purpose; if it helps you solve a problem, that's what matters.

With that said, these are my favorite tools & technologies (as of 22/07/2024):

React TypeScript Next.js Elixir PostgreSQL AWS

P.S. I'm definitely not a robot 🤖 To prove it, here are some pictures of me over the past few years!


Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with many talented people. Working with them has yielded wonderful experiences and partnerships.

Charleston Silverman

Charleston Silverman

Project Manager, Technical Lead & Producer

I have worked with and hired many developers during my working life and I can honestly say thatJuan is by far one of the best developers I have worked with. Very easy and clear communication, quick turn-around and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the projects we have worked on together. I would highly recommend Juan to anyone looking for an experienced and extremely capable team member.

Jorge Ortíz

Jorge Ortíz

Data Engineer & MTG enthusiast

When it comes to organizing tournaments for Magic: The Gathering, I've been testing different methods of pairing for a long time, with little to no success. Juan's app is exactly what I've been looking for. It offers an intuitive and streamlined process for organizing matches and tournaments, with an easy and user-friendly interface. Also, it's updated regularly with bug fixes and improvements. I highly recommend Juan's services!


Below are exciting projects I have created and/or contributed to during my career. Due to the nature of some industries, certain projects are under NDA agreements, so I can't show everything I've worked on.

Party Bear: Swappables

Web3 Project (Web App)

A Party Bear (NFT) with text saying "Clear The Runway"

Users buy and customize Party Bear NFTs by equipping accessories acquired from other NFTs and SFTs.

I was the lead developer (team of 4 devs), responsible for the initial release with task management + delegation, doing frontend, backend, and 3D development, and supporting the infrastructure team with task automation. This project also featured a website with a 3D environment where owners can view and customize their bears.

The project had a successful launch w/ good adoption!

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React TypeScript Next.js AWS Unity C# Tailwind CSS


Stock Investment Platform (SaaS/Fintech)

Sharesies app showing 3 screens: investments, overall portfolio, and stock search

Sharesies is an investment platform available in NZ and AU with over 600K users. As my first startup, I learned a lot, and worked on many key projects:

  • Currency conversion: Exchange money between 2-3 currencies at favorable rates with an easy UX
  • Auto-Invest: Automated investing by custom intervals and amounts (example: $100 per week / $1000 per month)
  • Australian Exchange integration: Users could now buy stock in Australian-based companies. Learned a lot about the strict requirements with fintech services.
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TypeScript React Python C# PostgreSQL Flask

The Next Legends

Web3 Project (Web App + Videogame)

Muhammad Ali with text "The Next Legends"

Users buy boxer NFTs that can be customized (inside The Locker Room), trained (ML) and used to fight with other boxers in an AI-powered videogame.

I joined after the initial release and was responsible for The Locker Room, a website that gave owners the ability to view and customize their boxers inside a 3D environment.

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React TypeScript Next.js AWS Unity C# ExpressJS Tailwind CSS

Tie Breaker

Tournament management app for games (SaaS)

Trading Card Games made easy

When I visited friends back in my hometown, they introduced me to Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game with lots of deep lore, playing formats, and fun. I really liked the game, and went to lots of local tournaments. However, I saw one problem: hosting tournaments was very difficult: we were playing a format called "Commander", which involves 4 players paired against each other.

My solution? To build a tournament organizing tool which let hosts add participants, create round pairings (with complex algorithms), and easily determine round + tournament winners. This was also an opportunity for me to learn Elixir, a programming language I worked with at a previous role. Funnily enough, I didn't like Elixir at first, but now it's my favorite programming language!

Tie Breaker is now being used by multiple stores across Panama; I'm very grateful for their support.

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Elixir Phoenix PostgreSQL Tailwind CSS

Roast My Site

App for website critique (SaaS)

Roast My Site: Your website’s roasts are now public

I was learning how businesses operate, and as part of that learning process I launched Roast My Site, a micro-SaaS startup that helped business owners receive feedback for their landing pages.

As the only developer on the team, I worked on all software features as well as marketing for the product.

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React TypeScript Next.js PostgreSQL Tailwind CSS

Light Switch

Visual Studio Code Extension (Dev tool)

A light bulb emoji on a blue background

I wanted to learn how to create an extension for Visual Studio Code, the editor I write software with. It solves a problem I have when it comes to themes: I like using light themes during the day, and dark themes during the night. But changing them can become a repetitive and mundane task, which is why I automated that process with this tool.

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TypeScript Azure


Videogame (iOS & Android)

Many ducks with a hole in the middle

This game was the result of an internal Game Jam at PikPok, where I teamed up with other talented developers to come up with a silly and fun idea. I was part of the team that developed the initial prototype, and the company picked it up for release afterwards.

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Unity C#

I Am Monster

Videogame (iOS & Android)

Three big creatures in a city, with the word "I Am Monster"

Fresh out of university, this was the first commercial project I worked on. I joined the team as a Junior Game Programmer, and took ownerhsip of building many of the game’s UIs. It’s also the first time I had a look at backend development with Python, and I absolutely loved the entire process!

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Unity C# Python

El Mandamás

Videogame (PC)

Map of Panama with text saying "El Mandamás" (The ruler)

This game was the result of a 48 hour game jam (Ludum Dare 38), where I had to design and develop a game in the span of a weekend.

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Unity C#